Nice Save - Netted
Article • December 3, 2009

Nice Save

A Free Savings Tool That Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket

Looking to sock away a little coin as we enter the holiday shopping season?

Try BillShrink, a free savings tool that offers personalized recommendations designed to reduce your cell phone, gas and credit card bills and to find you the most beneficial CDs and savings accounts.

BillShrink uses a sophisticated algorithm to compare your payment and spending habits against all possible product combinations (i.e. credit card offers, local gas prices, wireless plans and savings/CD accounts).

It then ranks the resulting recommendations in order of dollars saved, allowing you to easily compare options.  Data geeks will love the graphs, charts and quantitative nature of the assessments.

While the credit card and gas sections are useful (BillShrink adds the cost of driving to cheaper stations into the calculation for gas prices) the wireless tool is probably the most relevant, given the difficult many have in parsing various plans.

When we did it we authorized BillShrink to analyze our current bill, which made the real-time assessment very precise and comprehensive (not to mention helpful, since it found a cheaper alternative with the same number of minutes).

The takeaway: BillShrink is spectacularly thorough and offers a much more refined experience than the scores of price comparison sites that currently exist.

In fact, the company claims it saves the average user $1500.  That’s what we call a stimulus plan.