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Article • December 4, 2009

Buy and Sell New and Used Phones, Tablets, and Other Gadgets

Glyde is a hassle-free way to buy & sell your favorite gadgets

Buying used CDs, DVDs, books and games online can be dicey.  And selling your old wares this way is often more effort than it’s worth.

But what if there were a well-designed peer-to-peer site that had the transactional safety of a chain store? Throw in low prices and a super clean interface, and you’ve got Glyde.

Buying is a safe and simple one-click process, and their stock is up to 90% cheaper than retail. (And they do sell new items).  Unhappy with a purchase once it arrives?  You can return it within 48 hours.

And selling your stuff is as easy as throwing it away.  Simply enter the product’s title and the system fills in all the rest.  No adding photos, sweating over a catchy description or managing a time-consuming auction.

Once the item sells Glyde will send you a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope.  Mail it back and when the buyer receives the goods your account receives the money (less 10% Glyde takes as the middleman).

Those who want to put their old stuff to good use can pledge the sale proceeds to one of Glyde’s partner charities.  Who’d have thought your underplayed copy of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess could actually help change the world?