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Article • December 8, 2009

Remember And Organize All of Your Notes and Thoughts in One App

Simplify your modern, idea and information-heavy life with Evernote

You’ve just finished a two-hour brainstorm (or an expense account dinner) and you want to record the whiteboard (or the info on the pricey Italian wine labels).  But you don’t have any paper and your memory’s not that good.

Good thing there’s Evernote, an application that lets you save and organize text, web pages, images and audio files as searchable notes.

In the scenario above you can simply take a picture using the Evernote mobile app. The service will automatically create a file and make the text in the image searchable when you want to find it.

Evernote can be accessed via the Internet, through your desktop or using their mobile phone app.  Save a note in one place and it’ll automatically be synched across all the platforms.

Say you stumble upon a great recipe at work.  As you likely don’t cook at your office you’ll want to clip it to Evernote on your desktop.  Access it via your phone when you’re at the grocery store in order to buy the right ingredients, and again later when you prepare the dish (at, say, your date’s house).

Everything you capture is automatically indexed and made searchable. You can tag your notes and filter them based on date created, media contained and type of tool used to capture them.

Your usage of sticky notes is about to decrease dramatically.