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Article • December 10, 2009

Find Out the Best Times to Pee During a Movie

RunPee is the best user-generated guide to optimal movie pee breaks

You’re seventy minutes (and a bucket-sized drink) into Star Trek.  Kirk has just landed on the ice planet, and your bladder is in knots.

You hobble to the bathroom.  When you return you’re hopelessly lost, having missed a crucial scene involving time travel and Leonard Nimoy.


You should’ve used RunPee, a hilarious and highly useful site (and iPhone application) that tells you the optimal times to leave a movie, complete with a summary of the unimportant stuff you missed and how long you have before the next important scene begins.

No, this isn’t a joke.  It’s 21st-century crowd-sourced problem-solving at its finest.

While the site features a heavy dose of yellow hues the iPhone app boasts a clean design and works as a running timer that gives you plot cues signposting the scenes when it’s okay to leave.

You can also set it to provide alerts, so you don’t have to take your phone out in the theater (use the buzzer, not the ring option, if you please).

Coming soon:  Versions for the BlackBerry, the Pre and Android-based phones.  And, yes, you can use the break time to buy more popcorn if you don’t actually have to go.