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Article • December 11, 2009

Information Wants To Be Free

With Google’s Directory Assistance You'll Never Need To Pay 411 Charges Again

Tired of being charged $2 every time you call information from your home or mobile phone?

Google figured you might be, which is why they launched Google 411, their free business directory assistance service.

Like most things Google this feature is defined by its simplicity and ease of use.  Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-4664-411) from any phone then say your location and what you’re looking for.

You can give a specific business name or a general category (like “pizza delivery”).

The service uses voice-recognition technology to comb the Google databases and deliver a list of results in your local area.

Say the number of the result you want and it’ll connect you. You can also ask for a text message with the information as well as a map link that will show you where the place is located.

Those who prefer using their thumbs can send a text to ‘GOOGLE’ (466453) and get similar results texted back to them.

And, yes, in theory you could search Google via a mobile browser for all of this information.

However, doing so isn’t recommended (or easy) while you’re, say, driving a car or pushing a stroller down the sidewalk.  (And it’s impossible if you don’t have a smart phone).