Make Gift Giving and Secret Santas Easier - Netted
Article • December 15, 2009

Make Gift Giving and Secret Santas Easier

Elfster is an Internet Secret Santa exchange that leads to presents you'll actually want

Christmas is ten days away, and you still haven’t gotten your office-wide Secret Santa program off the ground.

Fear not, for a free service called Elfster will organize your gift exchange while maintaining the clandestine nature of the operation.

The site provides tools for both organizing and participating in an exchange, including sign-up, automated event organization, gift guidance, and group-powered green gifting.

For organizers, Elfster helps with the logistics of determining who wants to participate, drawing names, and communicating the names that were drawn.

All this is done while the secrecy of who drew whom is maintained (this is sort of a key aspect of the whole secret Santa undertaking).

Once registered, participants can create wishlists of what they want, and they can even ask their secret person anonymous questions in order to help find the right gift.

In other words Elfster employs the technology to ensure that you actually get something you’ll like from that accounting guy you bump into at the copy machine five times a year.