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Article • December 17, 2009

Cook and Collaborate on Thousands of Recipes

Foodista is a culinary Wikipedia where you cook by collaboration

According to the conventional 20th-century idiom, too many cooks spoil the broth.

A new food site called Foodista is trying to turn that idea on its head by creating a culinary Wikipedia that covers recipes, cooking techniques, utensils and general food information.

Sure, there are hundreds of recipe sites already in existence. But many of them are static collections.  Foodista’s goal is to bake a better babka by tapping the wisdom of the crowd, creating a living recipe book (though their site design could use a little help).

Instead of offering 300 random versions of a recipe they offer just a few that’ve been edited and which are, in theory, improved as a result.

Better yet, if you think your grandmother’s technique or ingredient is superior you can add it to offering.

While recipes are a large part of the experience we found the tools and techniques sections to be just as helpful, and interesting.

(Tired of watching Top Chef and not understanding the art of sous-vide cooking? Try Foodista).

If you’re planning to do some cooking (or some eating) during the upcoming holidays, Foodista can help.  And, If nothing else, browsing it may give you a brief respite from your relatives.