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Article • December 21, 2009

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Find (And Watch) Your Favorite TV Shows On The Internet

Anybody who has ever tried to find an episode of their favorite TV show on the Internet can you tell that it’s fraught with frustration.  You know they’re out there, but what’s the best source?

Helping to clarify the process is Clicker, which offers a precise way to locates and watch 400,000 episodes from about 7,000 TV shows.

Basically Clicker cuts through clutter and brings you only broadcast-quality TV shows and web originals (and not user-generated tribute videos or bootlegged copies).

In other words it makes it insanely easy to locate the studio-produced versions of the TV shows you want to see with none of the junk that comes up when you’re doing a broader search. (They also have movies and music videos).

When you find something you want to watch Clicker either plays it on the site or takes you to one of the hubs where this content is shown, such Hulu, or Amazon Video on Demand. (In the latter case you have to pay for it; not everything on Clicker is free).

One of the more useful features is the ability to make playlists, which essentially allows you to “subscribe” to a particular show.  Clicker will send you an email notification when new episodes are available.

The revolution may not be televised, but most other things are, and Clicker can help you watch them from the comfort of your own computer.