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Article • December 22, 2009

Stop Physical Junk Mail For Good

Finally end the delivery of mail order catalogs to your mailbox with Catalog Choice

Unless you live in a remote cabin in the hills of Montana you likely receive more print catalogs than you want, especially this time of year.

Catalog Choice, a non-profit free service, can reduce the clutter in your mailbox (and help the environment) by directly contacting catalog providers and telling them not to send you their pulpy wares.

(And, yes, we’ve heard tell that some people feel the same way about getting too many emails).

Once you’re signed up you just search their database for the catalogs you don’t want, set your mail preferences to “no catalogs” and they contact the companies to get you off the list, on your behalf. (It helps to have your customer number or key code handy).

The site also keeps track of all your actions and the status of each request made (it can take up to 12 weeks for the requests to be processed).

If you continue to receive catalogs from a company that you asked to stop mailing you Catalog Choice will follow up with the merchant.

Don’t see a catalog that annoys you on their list?  Suggest it to them and they’ll add it to their database.

Unfortunately the site doesn’t offer a one-click method for opting out of every catalog in existence.

Not yet, anyway.