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Article • December 23, 2009

Home For The Holidays

An Overly Simplified Guide For Surviving The Season Of Joy

In honor of the holiday season (and all the associated downtime that comes with it) we offer the following web-based tips for surviving the upcoming long weekend of joy:

Keep it Festive:  Fires are beautiful.  They are also dangerous.  Be safe and download the Colbert Christmas Yule Log as your screensaver.  As the old cliché goes, there’s nothing like watching books burning in a virtual fire to bring forth the holiday spirit.

Revisit Childhood TV Memories:  Fanpop has compiled a vast collection of nostalgic favorites called 101 Classic Christmas videos, all of which you can watch online (alone, in your room, away from others).  The list includes Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (the 1964 version, narrated by Burl Ives), A Charlie Brown Christmas and, of course, Mork & Mindy in “Mork’s First Christmas.”

Make Family Time Bearable:  Distractions are the key to holiday family gatherings.  One way to pass the time is through charades, and the Infinite Charades Ideas generator is an invaluable tool for extending the life of these games.  Just click the button and it gives you an endless flow of suggestions from one of five categories (movies, music, books, tv or celebrities).

We’ll get back down to business next week, bringing you more great ways to live better through the Internet.

Happy Holidays

The Netted Team