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Article • December 28, 2009

Deep Tracks

Create Virtual Mix Tapes Based On Your Mood

One thing that’s been lost in the digital music age is the random joy of discovery that came with mix tapes other people made for you.

Musicovery aims to change this, offering a streaming web music service that randomly generates playlists based on your mood.

You click a point on the mood spectrum (essentially a matrix where “Energetic” and “Calm” are at the poles while “Dark” and “Positive” are to the left and right) and it creates a unique selection of songs, complete with funky graphical plotting of the playlist.

Unlike services where users are taken directly to a song or artist this method results in exposure to new music.  As with a really great radio show you never know what’ll come next but you’re certain it’ll be good.

Where else can one jump from Youssou N’Dour to Credence Clearwater Revival to Shabba Ranks based on the fact that one felt a bit mellow?

The service is free, though they do offer a premium upgrade for $4 per month that boasts improved sound quality and the ability to rate songs. (Like Pandora the Musicover system can “learn” about your tastes the more active you are at ranking songs).

Users have the option to limit the selection to a specific year or range of years and to deselect any genre.  You can also enter an artist by name and it’ll create a playlist of related artists.

Come across a tune you like?  You can buy it on iTunes or Amazon with one click.

One other plus: you’ll never have to worry about Musicovery melting because you left it on your car’s dashboard.