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Article • December 30, 2009

On The Rocks

Become A Mixed Drinks Master In The Comfort Of Your Own Bar

While we don’t need much incentive to pull up a seat at the bar and let a pro do all the work, we’re as interested in mixology as anybody, especially on the eve of New Year’s Eve.

So in the spirit of responsible drinking we offer Extra Tasty, a handy little booze site that features thousands of interesting, unique and mostly great user-generated drink recipes (plus all the classics), all of which are rated and commented on by other users.

Volume is one thing, but what makes the site so useful is the design sensibility, which is both playful and utilitarian.

You can find recipes by ingredient tags (listed on a side panel) or you can search by drink names, booze variety and even particular brands.

One of the best features is “My Bar.”  Just plug in whatever ingredients you have access to (alcohol, mixers and garnishes) and it’ll give you all the various concoctions you can create without leaving the comfort of your home lounge.

For New Year’s revelers there are nearly 100 recipes that involve champagne—enough to keep you busy well into 2010.

Happy New Year

The Netted Team