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Article • January 4, 2010

Easily Track Your Runs And Other Workouts

RunKeeper makes tracking your runs (and other workouts!) a breeze

So you’ve made a resolution to exercise more in 2010. Bravo. Now it’s time to let technology make your workouts a little more efficient.

First up there’s RunKeeper, an app that uses the GPS in your iPhone or Android to track all of your outdoor fitness activities (running, hiking, skiing, biking), including measuring duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and path traveled on a map.

The display is clean and easy to read (even while gasping for breath). And you can store all your activity on the RunKeeper website, which allows you track totals and monitor progress.

Sure, there are fancy watches and other devices that you can use to achieve similar results, but some are costly and all require additional hardware. RunKeeper uses a single item that you probably have with you when you exercise anyway.

RunKeeper is free, though for $9.99 you can upgrade to RunKeeper Pro, which features audio cues and training workouts.

And, yes, you can still listen to music and make phone calls while using RunKeeper (the app pauses while you’re talking).

About the only thing RunKeeper won’t do is make the miles shorter.