Exchange Place - Netted
Article • January 5, 2010

Exchange Place

Trade Your Old CDs, DVDs, Books, And Video Games For Ones You Actually Want

It’s better to give than to receive, especially when the holidays bring books, music, video games, and movies you don’t like, or already have.

Swap offers an innovative way to trade the books, CDs, DVDs, and video games you no longer want for those that you do, all for free (though you do pay postage).

Just sign up, list the items you have, and the system will start matching you with other traders who want your goods. Once it finds a person for you to swap with you pick an item you want, mail it in and then receive yours.

Most users set up a “have list” and a “want list” which allows the system to find trades based on what you want.

Listing your items is simple. All you have to do is enter the UPC code on the item, and Swap adds the details. They also allow you to print postage and mailing labels right from the site.

Once a trade is initiated, either by a user or by the system, all parties involved must approve it within 48 hours to make it official, which is when addresses are supplied. (Trade requests are sent via email). As with eBay, users are rated, which adds a level of trustworthiness.

And, yes, trading across media categories is allowed. In other words you can now swap that hardcover copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife for the DVD version.