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Article • January 6, 2010

Find Published Reviews and Scores for Any New Car

Read uncluttered and trustworthy auto reviews on MotorMouths

While there is no shortage of automotive information on the web, sifting through all the marketing clutter to find objective, professional opinions can be difficult.

A new site called MotorMouths is trying to change this by offering a one-stop information hub that gathers and analyzes the latest car reviews from established publications.

The site is laid out in a very elegant but simple to use way, so finding information on the specific model you’re interested in is easy. You can browse by model, make, style, price, fuel economy, or reviewer rating.

Each car is presented with blurbs from its reviews (you can click on the review to go to the full article) along with an overall vehicle score (out of 100) that the site calculates, based on the scores given by each individual reviewer.

And the best part? The reviewers are reviewed.

As part of something called a “critic credibility system” every journalist cited on MotorMouths earns an overall credibility rating, based on their published reviews. This grade lets you know how trustworthy their opinions are.

These ratings come courtesy of verified owners of each car reviewed. These owners rate the overall accuracy of each reviews, vis-a-vis their own experience with a vehicle.

If only such an elaborate system of checks and balances were applied to car dealers