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Article • January 8, 2010

Guided By Voices

How To Find The Coolest Spots In Every City In The World

As anybody who has traveled knows, hidden gems are not found with guidebooks but by tapping the local knowledge of a trusted local.

Nextstop is a new travel site that is built on this idea. Their goal: to create a catalog of all the best things to do, places to go, and experiences to have anywhere in the world through user-generated guides created by residents of a particular locale.

Want to find the best Croque Madame in Sydney or the oldest working jukebox in San Francisco? Nextstop can tell you where to go.

The easiest way to explore the site is to search for a particular city (though you can also search by category or via their interactive map). A search for “Paris,” for example, yields fifty guides.

Click on one – “Paris pour les petits,” say – and you’re taken to a slideshow-like page that features a dozen activities and sights to see with kids, each with a photo and a short recommendation. Dig deeper and you’re taken to a full page that has maps, additional information, and related guides.

Those worried about the credibility of the people creating these mini travelogues will be pleased to know that users vote on each guide.

The site tallies the scores and the guide’s creators are given a “reputation score.” The higher the score, the better the guide (and the more prominently it is displayed).

Consider Nextstop your experienced friend in whatever city you’re going to, minus all the long distance phone calls and guilt about how you visit so infrequently.