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Article • January 11, 2010

Subscribe To A Security System That Can Recover Your Stolen Computer

Lojack For Laptops keeps your computer safe, secure, and private

Though we’ve entered a hopeful new decade, there are still people who’ll steal your stuff. And what’s more valuable than your personal computer?

Keep the bad guys at bay with LoJack for Laptops (yes, that’s the real name), a tough piece of software that allows you (and law enforcement) to both track your computer and remotely delete sensitive data before a thief can use it.

Once downloaded, the software maintains daily contact with a monitoring center in Vancouver whenever your computer is online. If the computer is reported lost or stolen contact increases to every 15 minutes.

This allows the company’s investigators to determine where the computer is and any activity that has occurred post-theft, at which point law enforcement is called.

Regardless of recovery status, you can remotely delete applications, photos, bookmarks, browser cookies, financial information and stored passwords.

The software is embedded in such a way that it continues to work even if the hard drive is reformatted.

And, in some cases, the company is willing to pay up to $1000 if the computer isn’t found as part of their service agreement.

Lojack for Laptops costs $39.99 a year (or $94.99 for a three year subscription). But compared to losing your computer (and all the data therein), it’s a small price to pay.