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Article • January 12, 2010

Buy Discounted Coupons Online, No Clipping Necessary

Groupon is a coupon site worthy of your trust

The Internet is full of supposed discounts, many of which turn out to be trap doors or lead-ins to items you really don’t want.

Groupon – a verbal mash-up of the words “group” and “coupon” – is one that’s legit, and full of stuff you’ll enjoy.

Their offer is simple: one deal every day for each of the 30 U.S. cities they support. These are typically deeply discounted rates for services offered by local businesses (meals, custom-made shirts, museum tickets, Pilates classes, etc.).

Once you enter the specific city you’re registered in, you’ll see that day’s deal, the retail value, the discount, and your savings. You click on the deal to buy it and then they email you the “groupon,” which you redeem when you receive your service.

There is a small catch: If not enough people sign up for a given deal, it doesn’t happen. This encourages each user to invite friends into the mix (these are group discounts, after all).

Near as we can tell most of the deals go through, and there’s no cost if one doesn’t, so the downside is minimal.

And the best part is there’s no scissors or clipping along a dotted line involved.