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Article • January 19, 2010

Decipher And Conquer Even The Most Formidable Wine List

Learn everything you need to know about wine with Winechap

Navigating the wine list of an expensive restaurant can be intimidating, overwhelming and, if done incorrectly, ridiculously expensive.

Thankfully there’s WineChap, a new service that provides real-time reviews of (and recommendations from) the wine lists of top restaurants.

While most wine-centric services focus on abstract tasting notes (who really knows the difference between persimmon and pear?), WineChap takes a more practical approach, organizing wine lists into categories that mirror the ways people buy wine: value, by the glass, first date, treat yourself, etc.

For old-fashioned types, they also provide thorough written reviews of every establishment they cover, and they update often, given the frequency with which restaurants change their offerings.

Currently, you can access nearly 250 reviewed lists from restaurants in New York, Hong Kong and the UK (though this list is growing quickly). The site is free, and they also offer an iPhone app for $4.99.

Serious wine geeks can pay to become a Premier Crew Member, which boasts a number of high end benefits, including a personal wine consultant (who will book your reservations and call ahead to set your wine aside) and tips on building the perfect wine cellar.

When you’re ready to graduate from Bartles & Jaymes to Grand Cru, WineChap will be your guide.