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Article • January 22, 2010

Get Framed

Automatically Send Photos To Friends And Family By Syncing To Their Digital Frames

While digital cameras have kept up with the times, photosharing via the web feels very early aughts.  Who wants to wade through endless slideshows (to say nothing of grandparents, who may not even know how)?

FrameChannel is a free service that allows you to share your photos with your friends and family by streaming content directly to their digital picture frames (they don’t have to do a thing).

To pair a digital frame (most major brands are compatible) with your FrameChannel account, just select the FrameChannel option on the device to generate a unique access code. Then simply enter it on the service’s website to link your account and the device together.

(The site can be a tad complicated but navigating it is well worth the effort).

From there, you can start subscribing to various “channels,” or sources of content to stream. Sites such as Flickr and Photobucket have plugins, allowing you to share uploaded photos with any or all of the photo frames synced to your account.

Any changes will be pushed automatically whenever a channel is updated – tag a new batch of photos of your child or your dog on Facebook, for example, and they will sync to the digital frame in the living room of the proud grandparents, a thousand miles away.

Yet another technological advancement those who remember having to load film into cameras will marvel at…