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Article • January 25, 2010

Hello Cleveland!

Find Out When Your Favorite Bands Are Coming To Town (And Buy Tix To See The Show)

Finding concert tickets is never an easy proposition, and keeping tracking of when your favorite bands are coming to your town takes more effort than most employed adults can spare.

Luckily there’s Livekick, a concert ticket search engine that provides concert recommendations (based on your musical tastes and locale) and then helps you buy tickets at the cheapest available prices.

The site uses your zip code and your listening habits (you either enter your favorite artists manually or the site can glean the info from your iTunes library and other digital music services) to figure out when the bands you like will be in your area.  Livekick will also make concert recommendations based on those preferences.

When you find a show or an artist you want to see you click on it and the site takes you to a page that aggregates tickets with real-time pricing from the top ten online sellers, including Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Tickets.com. The page also has venue information and arena maps (so you can see how good your seats will be).

Download their widget and it’ll scan your digital music libraries and recommend shows based on what it finds.

You will, however, have to bring your own lighter to the show.