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Article • February 2, 2010

Turn Your Digital Photos Into Decorative Pieces Of Art

Print your photos on canvas with Canvas Pop

Buying original art can be pricey.

To decorate your walls without breaking the bank we recommend Canvas Pop, a new service that converts your photos into customized works on canvas.

The service is easy to use. Just upload an image to their website (from your computer, phone, or even your Facebook profile), pick a size and then customize the work as you see fit.

Avoid just having a photo enlarged onto canvas and make use of their many effects. These range from modern pop art to oil painting to hand-drawn sketch (and many others).

When you’re finished they’ll hand make your creation (it takes about ten days) and send you a digital proof.  Once you approve, they’ll ship you the final product.

In addition to single work, you can also split photos into two, three, or four panels each.

If you order more than one work the site will ship free anywhere US, UK, or Canada. They’ll also reprint your work or send you a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase.

Try getting that guarantee on a Picasso.