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Article • February 9, 2010

Memory Maker

A Valentine's Gift That Even Your Mother Will Love

Looking for an original gift for your spouse/significant other (or, more importantly, your mom) this Valentine’s Day?

Try Scrapblog, a free service that lets you create custom multimedia scrapbooks from your photos, videos and music.  (You can pull this from your desktop or via social media sites where your media are stored).

Thanks to their patented “Scrapbook Builder” tool creating a custom book is literally a ten-minute process (we tested it, and we’re meticulous).

The tool offers hundreds of themes (including dozens devoted to “love,” for those of you so inclined).  Or you can start with a blank page and build your own from scratch.

You can also add videos, music and text along with embellishments like stickers, backgrounds and comic strip-like speech bubbles.

When your masterpiece is created you can share it across social media networks with one click.   And, in a nod to those of us still interested in analog artifacts, you can order a print version of your book (prices start at just $9.99).

Scrapbooking just got a whole lot cooler.