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Article • February 11, 2010

Make It Easy For People to Get You Great Gifts

Create an easy-to-navigate online wish list with Clearwish

Gift registries, long the domain of anxious brides and expectant parents, have opened up to the rest of us average Joes.

A new service called Clearwish lets you keep a dynamic registry of gifts you want (and purchases you recently made). You can index items from any website, organizing them by cost, category or occasion for buying.

More importantly, you can share links to product listings with your friends, loved ones and people who owe you favors.

Once downloaded Clearwish resides in your bookmarks list.  When you see a product you want you simply open the bookmark and click the “Wish List” button. To organize, edit and share your list you go to the “My Wish Lists” section of the Clearwish site.

Clearwish lets you create lists according to occasion (Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Groundhog Days).

In other words, it’s not too early to start putting your list together for Christmas 2010.