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Article • February 12, 2010

Effortlessly Quit a Job or End a Bad Relationship

iQuit sends break-up emails that you can feel good about

The phenomenon known as National Break-Up Season officially concludes this weekend, with Valentine’s Day (for those who are curious, it starts on New Year’s Day).

Of the mind to end a relationship in time for Sunday’s festival of affection? Be classy and don’t do it by Twitter, Facebook or with a text message.  Use iQuit instead.

iQuit is a service that sends out one of several auto-generated notes informing the recipient of your intentions to, well, quit. (To start you enter an email address and put in a confirmation code).

The beauty is that it does so in language that is direct and dispassionate, which is how a good break up letter should be written.

(The example we sent out started out like this: “After much careful consideration I have resolved to terminate my position with you...“)

For those happy in their current situation, iQuit can also be used to terminate a job, a board position, a friendship or even inclusion in a crazy family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!