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Article • February 16, 2010

Spirited Away

Keep Tabs On Your Estimated Blood Alcohol Content

Today marks the start of Mardi Gras. Can’t get down to New Orleans?  Well, you can still make liquor a part of your life. (We will be, though we don’t need Fat Tuesday for that).

This, however, doesn’t mean you should throw caution completely to the wind. To help moderate your alcohol-based adventures we recommend DrinkLogger.

This straightforward site (with a version optimized for mobile devices) is devoted to one thing:  telling you just how drunk you are, based on your weight, gender, the number of drinks you’ve imbibed in a set period of time and the type of drink it was (beer, wine or spirits).

When you visit the site for the first time you’ll sign up and it will record your height and gender data.  For all future readings you simply plug in the drinking data.

When you do, it instantly plots a nifty little graph, with your estimated blood alcohol content (BAC) on the y-axis and time shown on the x-axis. (Thus, you have a current reading of your BAC.)

More importantly it graphs “future time,” which gives an indication of how much time you’ll need to sober up (this comes in handy when operating devices that allow you to text your exes).

The site cautions that the BAC levels it provides are only estimates.

Still, it’s a helpful tool in certain situations.