Let's Groove Tonight - Netted
Article • February 22, 2010

Let's Groove Tonight

A Free Streaming Music Site That Even Your Father Can Use

Ever wish that you could stretch out the 30-second song previews on iTunes so you could, you know, actually decide if you like something?   Or, better yet, listen to all the music for free?

Try Grooveshark, a simple-to-use music streaming service and search engine that allows you to listen to streaming audio from tens of thousands of artists. For free.

(In other words, almost anything you’d want to hear, though they were just sued by Universal, but let’s not dwell on that).

Using their drop-dead simple interface you search for an artist, song or genre and Grooveshark will provide matches.

You can listen to a track immediately or add it to a custom playlist to enjoy later.  You can also export it to your desktop and play it via their downloadable widget.

To take advantage of the site’s social networking abilities sign up for a free account (a “VIP” account costs $3/month and makes it ad-free). From there, you can browse the playlists of other users and share your songs with friends.

Grooveshark also functions as an Internet radio service (akin to Pandora). Just enable the radio option while playing any song and the app will record your preferences and provide a steady flow of songs based on your tastes.

So go ahead and let the music play.