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Article • February 24, 2010

Shopping Block

If You Can't Find It Here It's Probably Not For Sale

Most of us have at least one moment of shopping panic a year—usually the last minute before the holidays—where we frantically scout the web for an impossible-to-find gift.

To keep your sanity in check, use The Find, a vertical search engine for shopping that puts every product, store, sale and coupon at your fingertips.

The site combs through over 500,000 retailers to offer more than 300 million listings, checking both major suppliers (like Amazon) and local stores.

You can refine your search by price, color, brand and locale. You can also click on the Coupon button to find online discount codes that apply to that product.

If you’d prefer the immediacy of buying the item from a physical store, click on the Local tab and you’ll get a listing (and a map) of shops that are close to you that sell the product you’re seeking. (When you sign up for the site you give them your locale).

Those concerned about sustainable living can use  their Green tab, which only pulls products from select Green retailers (such as Edible Nature and Good Guide).

True shopaholics will appreciate their iPhone app, which tracks your location and searches for goods (and deals) in nearby stores.