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Article • February 25, 2010

Edit and Enhance Your Personal Photos for Free

Citrify is the best way we know of to whiten your teeth

Let’s face it:  none of us are perfect, and it often shows in our photos.  Unfortunately perfecting things with Photoshop requires, well, paying for Photoshop.

Thanks to a new service called Citrify, you can edit your photos for free.

And, unlike other editing tools, this one can be used via your browser (their Flash interface is very intuitive and well-designed).

The Touch-Up menu provides a wide range of cosmetic tools, including a “Wrinkle” button to remove lines and a Blemish function for covering things up.  There’s even a “Toothbrush” button, which adds whitening.

Of course you can also alter the brightness, saturation, contrast and hue of your photos with easy-to-use sliders.

With the Effects button, you can filter your photo to look like a watercolor, tint someone green with the “Hulkify” option or use the ever-popular “Obamify” effect.

Don’t like what you’ve done? The app has an Undo button that logs all of your changes and lets you backtrack to your original settings at any point in the editing process.

And, with their new Facebook app you can directly edit the photos in your Facebook albums.