Boiling Point - Netted
Article • February 26, 2010

Boiling Point

The Best Free Video-Based Egg Timer You'll Ever Use

They are questions that humankind has pondered through the ages:  How long does it take to boil an egg? And what can you do for fun while it’s boiling?

Finally, the answers have been revealed, thanks to a playful and stylish new site called Eggwatchers.

As you move through the process you’re asked to describe your egg (is it small or large?  Is it just out of the fridge?) and, of course, how you want it to end up (given that the site’s creators are British they offer “squidgy” or “firm”).

It’ll then provide with you with an answer (in minutes) and a very inventive egg timer: When you click the timer it randomly selects a YouTube video that matches the exact length of time your egg will need to boil.

(During our tests we were treated to a montage from The Simpsons, a clip from a Japanese game show and a guy playing the drums really, really well).

Our hope is that the folks behind the site do timers for all types of foods (but then, we tend to get bored easily when we cook).