Turn Your Old Sweater Into A New Scarf - Netted
Article • March 1, 2010

Turn Your Old Sweater Into A New Scarf

Reknit reinvents your old clothes and gives them a new life

We all have old sweaters we no longer wear. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them recycled into fancy new duds?

That’s the premise behind Reknit, a new service run by an inventive proprietor whose mother has some serious skills with the knitting needles.

Send them an old sweater and they’ll unravel it and use the materials to create a new item of clothing (gloves, a hat, a scarf, etc.)

Reknit creates a different piece of clothing each month. Their current offering is winter hats. Items are selected based on user votes, so if you want to influence their upcoming projects, be sure to vote in their interactive poll.

Because they literally work by hand they can only accept 30 requests (at $30 each) per month.  So sign up quickly if you plan to use the service. It takes them about six hours to complete an order, so the turnaround is rather quick.

Can’t part with that old ski pullover from the 80s? The site directs you to a nearby Goodwill store so you can buy one to use.

Think of it as doing your part to help keep the environment free of ugly sweaters.