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Article • March 4, 2010

Just Do It

TeuxDeux is a to-do application that's as elegant as it is useful

Scheduling your life on a weekly basis is hard enough without being overwhelmed by the bloat of the calendar program you’re using to try to keep organized.

To cut through the clutter we recommend TeuxDeux, a free web-based to-do application that organizes your routine within an interface that is noteworthy for its elegant minimalism.

While most apps proudly showcase a myriad of categorization options, TeuxDeux favors as few distracting elements as possible.

To begin, just sign up for a free account. Then start adding upcoming tasks.

To do this click under the appropriate day of the week and add the item. In the spirit of keeping things simple, the app only displays five days at once (though you can scroll ahead to future dates).

Best of all, the service is free (though a premium version is in the works, as is a mobile phone app).

The next time you find yourself adding “learn how to use calendar application” to your list of tasks, TeuxDeux will be there to simplify your life.