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Article • March 5, 2010

Find Detailed Nutrition Information and Track Your Eating

Know what's really in the food you eat with Nutrition Data

Ever wondered how much riboflavin you need to consume on a daily basis (or even what riboflavin is)?

Look no further than Nutrition Data, a one-stop source for all your nutritional analysis and food management needs.

The well-designed site offers a vast array of tools that help you understand what foods you need to eat (and which you should avoid).

One that we like is the Daily Needs Calculator, which determines the number of calories you burn, your body mass index (BMI) and the recommended daily amounts of various nutrients you need, based on your age, weight and exercise regimen.

There are tools that allow you to track the foods you consume over time, analyze recipes and rank popular food brands in terms of calories, carbs and fat content.

You can also get the lowdown on items from a variety of fast food chains, from Arby’s to White Castle.

The information provided about specific foods and brands is very thorough and includes graphical representations of the nutrition (or lack thereof).

Spoiler alert: corn dogs have not suddenly become healthy.