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Article • March 9, 2010

Manage All of Your Passwords in One Place

You'll never have to remember a password ever again with PassPack

One of the most annoying aspects of using the Internet for anything more than getting a weather forecast is the need to enter (and remember) passwords.

Thankfully, there’s PassPack, a free, secure password-management tool that allows you to organize your passwords and access all your password-protected sites with one click.

Once you create an account (using a secure code that not even the site has access to) you add your various pins and passwords under the Passwords tab. (You can enter up to 100 for free).

The site will also help you generate secure passwords and offers encryption tools.

After you create a PassPack bookmark for a specific page (your Amazon account, say), the site will automatically log you in when you visit.

You can also use Passpack to record and maintain data on your frequent-flier miles, warranties, and other PINs.

And, for those times when you’re not using your own computer they offer the ability to create disposable passwords.

In other words you no longer have to make every password you dog’s name or your child’s birthday.