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Article • March 10, 2010

Video Star

An Updated Video App That'll Release Your Inner Fellini

If you’re interested in mobile video chances are you’ve heard of Qik, a mobile video platform that lets you record and upload videos with your cell phone.

Though the app has been around since 2008 it’s now an essential download, thanks to a host of new updates, including the addition of auto-focus and a boost to the capture speed to 15 frames per second.

Another new feature is the ability to auto-sync with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a variety of blogging services.  Or you can send it as text message, or simply save it to your Qik profile (for safekeeping).

In terms of functionality user can now zoom and edit movies on the spot (including altering brightness and adding effects, like the one that allows you to transform subjects into Na’vi from Avatar.)

Qik recently teamed up with a global WiFi provider, which means you can keep connected even if you’re out of reach of your cell carrier’s coverage.

And it’s available on nearly every major platform (with the exception of Palm WebOS), including Google’s Nexus One.

If you’re still fiddling around with tapes and cables for your fancy camcorder, just remember that the newly enhanced Qik is just a download away.