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Article • March 12, 2010

Test Your Bracket Skills and Compete Against Celebrities

Make March Madness a bit less maddening with Yahoo Fantasy

The 2010 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship (a/k/a March Madness) officially kicks off this weekend, with Selection Sunday.

To this end we present several ways in which you can use the Internet to contribute to the coming month’s national productivity slump.

This year, don’t just fill out a bracket.  Compete against others for a million bucks at the Yahoo! Tourney Pick ‘Em.  In addition to offering the chance to get paid for making the right picks the site features a Bracket Wizard and a “scenario generator” to help you nail down the Final Four.

To ensure that your boss doesn’t catch you watching on your desktop try the improved March Madness On Demand iPhone app from CBS.  This year’s version will offer live streaming video and Westwood One radio coverage over WiFi as well as 3G and even the EDGE network.

Finally, if you’d rather play than watch, try Infinite Hoops, a social networking site that helps you find pick up games. Their coverage is national, and they offer detailed information about the games they cover, so you’ll know whether you’re out of your league or not.

Ice packs for sore knees not included.