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Article • March 15, 2010

Create and View Comprehensive DIY Guides

DIY is made better, easier and more visually stimulating with Instructables

The great promise of the Internet is that it will allow us to share every morsel of accumulated knowledge.

Bringing us one step closer is Instructables, a comprehensive database of do-it-yourself videos and articles.  The site is packed with homegrown tips, expertise and instructions on how to undertake thousands of useful activities.

Want to turn an old NES cartridge into a functioning external hard drive with just a soldering iron and a screwdriver?  How about retrofitting your original 1984 Mac so it can run the current Apple operating system or training a guinea pig to play dead? It’s all there for you to discover.

You can also find solutions to problems that aren’t quite answered by the array of videos.  Just post a query in their answers forum and one of the site’s regular users (or “pros” in their lingo) will likely answer it (and turn the answer into a video).

If you’ve got knowledge you want to contribute, click on the Submit button to post your own article or video. (You know, in case you want to give back a little).

Who says you can’t build a better mousetrap?