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Article • March 16, 2010

Budget and Track Your Expenses Without Worry

Pear Budget is a budgeting tool that'll save money (and your sanity)

Managing money is tricky.  We all know we spend it, but we often don’t know where it’s going.

Pear Budget is a simple (and cheap) answer to your personal finance needs. For just $3 a month, it can track your monthly expenses and help you increase your savings.

To get started the site takes you through a quick five-step planning process, beginning with an assessment of how and where you want to save.  Then it inquires about your expenses (both monthly and irregular).

Finally you fill in your income.  The site will then create a review of your spending habits, including a dynamic list of savings for future purchases.

Each month you’ll fill in the your expenses using the Receipts category (this comes in handy for tax time as well, since you don’t need to store them in a shoe box anymore). There’s even a tag feature that allows you to group expenses together.

Unlike Mint, Pear Budget emphasizes speed and simplicity. If you decide to register, you can set up an account in less than five minutes (and you can sign up for a free 30-day trial).

And, if you email the site with questions, you’ll get a personal response back from the guy who founded the company. Seriously.