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Article • March 18, 2010

Seller Beware

Hire A Professional Bulldog To Haggle For Your Next Used Car

There’s no experience that leaves you feeling more ripped off than buying a used car.

Helping alleviate some of the pain is Carsala, a service that utilizes professional negotiators and the power of the Internet to find you the best deals possible, in the shortest amount of time.

To start you tell them what make of car you want and how far you’re willing to travel to get it (local or national).

The site offers a host of research tools to help you find potential cars, pulling together data from more than 4 million listings.  That means you get the most complete and up to date inventory and the most detailed specs.

The fun starts once you decide on a specific car.  At that point Carasala contracts with one of their professional negotiators to act on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best possible deal.

They do all the haggling.

Carsala’s fee is 20 percent of the difference between what you paid and the car’s Kelly Blue Book price (but the most you’ll pay is $300).  If they don’t save you anything, you don’t pay.

It’s enough to make you wish there was a similar service for negotiating your salary.