Always Keep a Personal Assistant with Your iPhone - Netted
Article • March 24, 2010

Always Keep a Personal Assistant with Your iPhone

Siri is a butler that'll fit into your pocket (and works weekends)

Like the hapless but lovable drunk in Arthur, we could all do with a butler who listens when we speak, helping us get through the day.

Now, thanks to the developers of Siri, you can turn your smartphone into the electronic equivalent of a gentleman’s gentleman (or a lady’s lady).

The personal assistant app responds to voice commands.  It recognizes complete sentences and translates them into individual tasks.

Ask it “who’s playing at the Hammerstein Ballroom?” and the app will automatically search for upcoming events, and then allow you to buy tickets.

Concerned about the winter weather? Say: “Siri, how much snow is my city supposed to get?” and Siri will comb through local weather forecasts.

For those moments when you don’t feel like articulating, Siri can understand something as simple as “Sushi near here”—it’ll check your current location and provide you a list of nearby choices.

The app is currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch, with a Blackberry version in the works.

Waistcoat and Oxford accent not included.