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Article • March 26, 2010

Buy the Best Hand-Picked Wines at Stellar Prices

CellarThief is a curated wine site where you can get bottles for a steal

If you’re anything like us, you often find yourself wandering the aisles at your local wine store, dumbfounded by the sheer number of choices at your disposal.

For some much needed assistance, try CellarThief, an online wine retailer that offers tips, recommendations and bargain-priced bottles.

Each day, CellarThief features three hand-picked wines and sells them at well below retail price for twenty-four hours. In addition to featuring standard tasting notes, they provide a plain English translation detailing why they’re crazy about a particular bottle.

If food pairings are your thing, CellarThief has detailed suggestions for what to eat with that light Sauvignon Blanc (pasta, chicken or fruit). Personally, we’re using the site to stock up for Passover.

CellarThief also has a clean water distribution program. For every bottle sold, they donate 100 days worth of water to needy people. They also work with wineries and suppliers who supplement these donations. When you purchase a bottle, you see how much water your bottle will provide.

Choosing wine has never been simpler, or more charitable.