Judgement Day - Netted
Article • March 29, 2010

Judgement Day

A Forum For Your Friends To Levy Judgment On You

Nobody likes to be criticized. But sometimes a harsh dose of truth is the best thing for all of us.

Failin.gs is a new site that provides a forum for your friends to speak honestly—and anonymously—about all your faults, foibles and, of course, failings.

To start you create a profile, and then announce the url to your friends and acquaintances via Facebook, Twitter and email, inviting them to have at it.  Then the fun begins.

As you get feedback you can categorize it into one of three buckets—“I Knew This,” “I Had No Idea” and “I Totally Disagree.”  Your friends are then able to carry on the conversations, all with the goal of working toward making you a better human being.

In theory.

While the site is designed to be “constructive,” opening yourself up in this manner takes some courage.  Trash talking is inevitable.

Still, if your friends are good sports they’ll hopefully volunteer for the same treatment, which is when you can tell them that, in fact, routinely leaving a tip of 5% is not “generous.”