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Article • April 6, 2010

Create Talking Photos and Slideshows

Turn your static photos into digital works of art with Fotobabble

Mother’s Day is just six short weeks away.  Do you really want to give the woman who raised you another trite analog artifact from Hallmark?

Of course not.

Try Fotobabble and give mom a series of talking photographs, featuring your voice.

Adding audio to your photos using the free service is simple:  Just upload your photo, record your brilliant voice-over and send the newly enhanced piece of living art to your mother (and all of your social network friends, etc).

The site lets you add up to a minute of audio.

Not happy with your vocals?  You can re-record as many times as you want, and you can also edit the piece once it’s saved.

There’s also an iPhone app so that you can make talking photos when you’re out in the real world, in real time.  (BlackBerry and Android versions are in the works).

Now go make some photo funnies.