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Article • April 9, 2010

Create the Funniest or Creepiest Shortened URLs

Shady URL is a URL shortener that even a fascist dictator would use

We are in the age of Twitter.

Abbreviations and character counts rule the day. And shortening urls is now a way of life (or at least tweeting), which has given rise to a host of services like TinyUrl and

And while they do the trick, they lack a certain sense of smug knowingness, to say nothing of the fact that what they produce is often cryptic (because it’s random).

Enter ShadyURL, a random url generator that offers link names that are “suspicious and frightening.”  And, of course, a whole lot funnier than the standard shortened url.

We tried a few and got results that included the phrases “Stalin will rise again” and “stolen iPhones.”

This may not be the kind of thing you’ll use at work, but next time you add a link to your personal tweet about Jesse James’ newest tattooed stripper, give it a try.