Dollar Wise - Netted
Article • April 12, 2010

Dollar Wise

A Money Management Tool That'll Keep You Flush

Like the song says, you work hard for the money.  Managing it, however, is another story, as your Form 1040 likely shows.

As tax day approaches we think it’s appropriate to mention a money managing site called Thrive, where you take advantage of a luxury usually reserved for high net-worth individuals: financial advisory services.

When you create your account you add your bank, credit card and brokerage accounts. Thrive then analyzes the financial data and gives you an overall “financial health score.”

It also provides easy to follow advice about budgeting, money management and even investing, based on your data.

If you’re saving money to buy a house, for example, Thrive can help you find a target price and tell you how much more you need to earn to afford a down payment.

Use their spending goals feature to see how much money (or how little) you can squander safely.

Those who owe money will appreciate the “pay off debt wizard,” which helps you know which debts are more important to pay back now versus later, and how much you should be paying.

Consider it tax relief.