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Article • April 13, 2010

Gadget Inspector

Simplifying The Complex Process Of Buying An Electronic Gadget

Buying an electronic gadget these days can be a dizzying experience, what with all the brands, styles and various options available.

Thankfully there’s Measy, a free service that helps simplify the complex process of deciding which digital camera, HDTV, netbook, smartphone or E-reader you should purchase.

The easy-to-use site employs a decision tree process, asking you a series of detailed questions that includes your budget, how you plan to use the device and what your priorities are (in terms of size, picture quality, need for durability, etc.).

Measy then calculates a score based on your preferences.  From there it selects the five models that come closest to matching your score.

You can view their selections in side-by-side comparisons or click on one for more detailed information.  The site also provides links to approved retailers, presenting the store name and the price.

While you”ll likely want to do additional research, Measy is a great place to figure out the range of products that fit your needs, and to figure out exactly what your needs are.

In a world full of choices it’s good to have a service that helps limit the options.