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Article • April 14, 2010

Buy Unique and Uncommon Designs from Independent Artists

RedBubble is a place where you can buy or sell art

One of the benefits of the Internet’s democratization of everything is the chance to get really good art (and art-related products) at really cheap prices.

The problem, of course, is finding a good curator. Enter RedBubble, a well-designed marketplace that’s filled with the work of independent artists.

Just sign up for a free account and begin browsing through the site’s massive selection of art, photos and artsy t-shirts.

When you select an item, you’ll see comments from other users about the product as well as some basic information about the artist.

Add an artist you like to your “watchlist” and you’ll be notified when they add a new item.

Those looking to create their own masterpieces can easily upload digital files of whatever they’re looking to sell (or at least get feedback on).  The site takes care of the rest.

Rather than charging a commission, RedBubble establishes a base price for each item to cover their costs ($19.95 for a t-shirt, for example) and lets you set your price from there. Any money beyond the base price is yours to keep.

Picasso never had it so good.