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Article • April 15, 2010

Shop Right

Save money at more than 50,000 retailers with RetailMeNot

In these trying financial times we all need to do our part to stimulate the economy.  By shopping, of course.

To help the Republic and save money at the same time, try RetailMeNot, a database of coupons and discounts for more than 50,000 retailers.

Enter a store (or the product/service you’re looking for) in the search bar and scroll through their assortment of coupons. They divide them into Active Coupons—coupons still in use at all (or most) of the retailer’s branches—and Inactive Coupons, which the store may or may not accept.

If you find coupons for online retailers, click on “Visit Store” to log in to their website using the coupon code. For local retailers, click on “Print Coupon” to get a document you can cut out and bring to the store.

For shoppers feeling nostalgic for the most common breed of coupon, click on “Grocery Coupons” to browse printable discounts on your favorite brands of food. You can also find deals on select pharmaceuticals.

Your country will thank you.