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Article • April 19, 2010

Help Your Friends Google Their Easy-to-Answer Questions

Limit the number of people who ask you stupid questions with Let Me Google That For You

You know things.  And because of this, family, friends and co-workers ask you questions for which answers can easily be found on the Internet, like what the temperature is (52˚).  Or how many movies John Hughes directed (8).

Next time this happens (and in honor of National Administrative Assistant’s Week, which begins today), use Let Me Google That For You, a tutorial search engine with a bit of attitude.

Just enter a search term and click the “search” button.  This will create a link that you can text or email to the lazy person who asked you a simple question.

When they click the link they’ll get an animated tutorial that shows them how to master the complex art of performing a Google search.

They will then be directed to the real Google results pages for the search you executed, where they will find their answer.

Consider it your role as a teacher.