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Article • April 20, 2010

Find Reviews on All of Your Favorite Snacks

Taquitos.Net is the single greatest snack review site of all time

Today is the 20th of April (also known as 4/20 Day). In some circles, it’s a countercultural holiday wherein the leaves of a certain flowering plant are smoked.  For others, it’s just another Tuesday (if that’s what you tell yourself, it’s fine by us).

Whatever your predilection, snacks are likely an essential part of your diet.  In honor of that (and all tokers past and present), we present, the greatest independent snack review site in the history of mankind.

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but the information is solid, covering every snack category from nuts to chocolate to pretzels.  There’s even reviews of airline and Passover snacks.

But the site’s sweet (or salty) spot are chips, be they potato, tortilla, barbecue, ripple, hot, wasabi, apple or otherwise.

The reviews are straightforward enough, exploring mainly taste and aroma (though they also tell you where you can buy the snacks).

What’s most impressive is the breadth of coverage. To date they have reviews for nearly 4,500 snacks, many of which we didn’t know existed (like Brim’s Pizza Balls and Tako’s octopus flavored chips).

And for those concerned about the expertise of the reviewers, the site claims everything is tasted by a Certified Snack Food Evaluator.

No word on whether they’re taking applications for new employees.